Well done Apeks

Apeks named Brand Of The Year

Accolade for British manufacturer held in high regard

Cressi Air Travel and Air Travel Lady

Air Travel from Cressi

Italian flair marks out duo of aeroplane-friendly BCDs

Skills are part of the DL grade

Fresh Dive Leaders to begin training

Drive to certify more DLs will help club branches to grow

Want to test new Scubapro kit?

Scubapro Diving Days return

Popular marque sets off on Europe-wide touchy-feely tour

Amphibico launches colourful housings

Cheery video camera housings are rough and tough beneath

Find a PADI Center via iPhone

PADI launches iPhone app

Agency joins growing number of dive brands in the app stores

Divers, Seasearch needs YOU

Record feedback from UK divers

Huge response from volunteers cheers conservation group

Buddy Commando Escape sub three zero

Commando Escape debut for Big Scuba Show

Lightweight version of enduring Buddy range set to premiere

Apeks WTX

Apeks regulator and BC recalls

Customers advised to take BCD or regs in for visual inspection

Scubapro ice dives in Italy

Frozen lake proves no match for MK17 / A700 regulator

James Eagan Layne wreck project

Can you help tell the story of perhaps the most dived wreck in the UK?