Shearwater and Sonardyne introduce DiveTrack

System can send audible acoustic aborts from the surface down to the dive team

Author: Pat
17th March 2023
Shearwater and Sonardyne's DiveTrack system

Image courtesy of Sonardyne International Ltd

The Shearwater Petrel 2 computer can now be connected to Sonardyne International’s DiveTrack system to monitor diver movements underwater.

DiveTrack is a portable and rugged diver tracking and comms system. It uses a protocol called DiveCAN to send and receive data.

eight divers can be tracked simultaneously

Up to eight divers can be tracked simultaneously at a 1500-metre maximum tracking range, and each DiveTrack transponder has an internal battery with over 10-hour operational endurance.

Each also has a universal connector for different dive computer configurations.

The DiveTrack transponder can communicate with the dive computer and listen to information available in the Shearwater system.

Thanks to this remote connection a dive supervisor is now able to safely position divers, as well as giving them the ability to send audible acoustic aborts from the surface down to the dive team.

Shearwater says this integration of the Petrel 2 with DiveTrack will push the envelope of dive training operations, and opens up new possibilities for commercial, media, scientific divers and many more.

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Shearwater and Sonardyne's DiveTrack transponder

Image courtesy of Sonardyne International Ltd.

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