Deep Trekker launches PIVOT ROV

A very stable platform and complete flexibility under the water

Author: Pat
30th June 2021

Deep Trekker PIVOT ROV

Canadian-based robotics company Deep Trekker has launched the PIVOT, an all-new ROV and underwater platform.

Deep Trekker already offers the portable DTG3 mini ROV, and the deeper water Revolution for more advanced missions.

PIVOT has advanced features for complex underwater jobs

The new PIVOT will sit somewhere in the middle, designed for ease of deployment with advanced features for complex underwater jobs.

The manufacturer says its newest submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is ‘changing the underwater game.’

What’s particularly interesting is that the team have removed the ROV’s pitch axis, instead using weight and buoyancy to maintain permanent stability.

Instead of pitching the ROV, the PIVOT has a motorised tool tray with 97 degrees of rotating movement, enabling the pilot to move cameras or tools where needed to complete the job.

For the user this means a very stable platform and complete flexibility under the water, in particular when producing footage for clients or performing long and complex operations.

There’s a 220 degree range of motion on the HD camera, allowing users to complete inspections in a timely, straightforward manner.

The ROV is equipped with six strong thrusters powered by lithium ion batteries, giving it a high level of control and power and speed in a portable package.

“At Deep Trekker we’re proud of our robust vehicles and the PIVOT is no exception,” said Deep Trekker President Sam Macdonald. “The carbon fibre and aluminium frame combined with stainless steel components, magnetically coupled thrusters and intelligent design ensures that operators can trust their vehicle to get the job done.”

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