New guide to Wild and Temperate Seas

Book catalogues ‘50 Favourite UK Dives’ in a variety of UK locations

Author: Pat
21st October 2020

Wild and Temperate Seas

A new book ‘Wild and Temperate Seas – 50 Favourite UK Dives’ shines a light on some must-do locations around our coastline.

This latest guide from specialist publisher Dived Up Publications is a collaboration between author Will Appleyard (of Dorset Dives renown) with a team of scribbling/snapping support divers including Kirsty Andrews, Dan Bolt, Jason Brown, Jake Davies, Alex Gibson, Stuart Philpott, and Elaine Whiteford.

More than 50 sites in 15 picturesque locations

Covering highlands to islands, wrecks to reefs and caves, this colourful new-style guide whets the appetite for UK diving.  More than 50 sites in 15 picturesque locations are featured, from England’s most southerly tip to the remote, northerly islands of Scotland.

The book includes (to name just a few): a UK wreck diver’s ultimate pilgrimage – a trip to Scapa Flow; some of Scottish diving’s highlights with wrecks, lochs and sea caves; a Northern Irish island with sheer underwater cliffs, a remote Welsh peninsular with rare habitats, English islands renowned for their seals, as well as the south coast’s diving hotspots.

All are special in some way to those who have contributed and evidence for those to whom the UK underwater is still a mystery that once you tame these wild and temperate seas there really are some magnificent experiences to be had.

The diversity of Britain underwater is well represented here by wrecks and reefs, boat and shore dives with stunning images by award-winning underwater photographers.

If we’re locked down this winter – or even if we’re not – ‘Wild and Temperate Seas‘ sounds like a perfect bit escapism. On sale from November 25th, so order a copy in time for Christmas from, Amazon or book retailers.

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