‘Go bubble-free’ discount offer on Hollis Prism 2 rebreather

Get £500 off a shiny new unit until 31st July

Author: Pat
9th June 2020

Hollis Prism 2 rebreather

Hollis Rebreathers UK has come up with a sweet deal on the Prism 2 CCR to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions.

For a limited period you can apply for £500 off the recommended retail price (RRP) of the Hollis closed circuit rebreather.

£500 off the recommended retail price

The ‘Out of lockdown, bubble-free’ promotion is up and running now and continues until Friday 31st July 2020.

To qualify for the discount, first you need to register for a voucher on the Rebreathers UK website.

Complete a short form, specifying your preferred Prism 2 dealer and training required, and generate a voucher.

This voucher can then be redeemed for the £500 discount at your chosen authorised UK Hollis Prism 2 dealer.

Payment must be made in full before your shiny new Prism 2 can be shipped. And there are the usual caveats of while stock lasts, no other discounts can be applied and so on.

So if you’ve made a lockdown promise to yourself that 2020 is the year you go ‘bubble-free’, this could be the opportunity you were waiting for.

To order your discounted Prism 2, click here.

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