INDUSTRY: new app-based development scheme for diving supervisors

App provides training information and guidelines to keep supervisors updated

Author: Pat
22nd April 2020

IMCA app will support diving supervisors like this oneDiving supervisors are set to benefit from a new app-based training system which will support their continuous professional development (CPD).

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is behind the app, which works on many mobile devices and operating systems, on- or offline, thus allowing users the flexibility of choosing when and where to complete the relevant modules.

training techniques to support diving supervisors

It incorporates the latest in training techniques to support diving supervisors, and will keep them up to speed with current information and guidelines from IMCA.

The scheme went live in early April with 250 diving supervisors who pre-registered for enrolment.

For 2020, the scheme is voluntary and free to all IMCA-certified supervisors, and applications will be accepted from both DCBC and ADAS supervisors as well.

However, from 2021, it will become mandatory for all supervisors to participate in the scheme in order to maintain their IMCA diving supervisor certification in ‘current status’.

Trials of the app were successfully completed by a representative cross-section of diving supervisors from leading contractors in the industry, who were invited to participate in the consultation and testing process to ensure the system is user-friendly, appropriate, and effective.

Feedback from the trials and the first tranche of users was very positive and IMCA is now encouraging others to register to start using the system while is it still in the voluntary phase.  IMCA would like as many supervisors as possible to become familiar and comfortable with the system before it becomes mandatory in 2021.

If you’re a diving supervisor and wish to enrol in IMCA’s CPD scheme, click here.


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