Face coverings for landlocked divers

Covering up is so this season

Author: Pat
9th April 2020

Zeagle buff

Divers are used to wearing face coverings – and now they can do it on dry land too, thanks to branded buffs from Zeagle, Oceanic and Hollis.

Parent company Huish Outdoors has introduced the stylish buffs in limited numbers for fans of the premium dive brands.

In the current climate of social distancing and cough management, the buffs should be popular.

And when life returns to normal, they’ll be useful on a boat at sea or to keep warm after a dive.

Sadly for us, a very limited number of the Hollis, Zeagle and Oceanic buffs are available to US and Canada customers only.

Oceanic buff

Hollis buff

Zeagle buff

Zeagle buff

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