Atomic Aquatics Z2

Not the cheapest, but entry-level Atomic regulator makes a lot of sense

Author: Pat
31st January 2012

Browse through the average UK diver’s kit bag, and chances are their regs sport either an Apeks or Scubapro badge.

But there are alternatives out there: Today we’re testing the Z2 from Atomic Aquatics of the USA.

The Z2 is Atomic’s entry level regulator; It’s available in both A-Clamp and DIN fittings; The second stage cover acts as a purge button and comes in a variety of colours.

In essence, Atomic regulators share the same design. The differences lie in the materials used: in the case of the Z2, the first stage is chrome plated brass and stainless steel. ‘Z’ stands for Zirconium, a funky metal alloy with similar properties to Titanium – there’s a coating on the second stage to prevent corrosion.

The Z2 features multiple ports – 2 high and an impressive 7 low pressure. Ports are sensibly laid out too, making your configuration easier.

In use, the flow rate on the Z2 is excellent – it delivers plenty of gas, arguably too much out of the box. There’s an adjustment knob on the side if needs be.

Divers requiring nitrox are catered for – the Z2 and Z1 octo are 40% ready straight out of the box. If you’re an ice or extreme cold water diver, Atomic sells an optional environmental seal kit for freeze protection at low temperatures.

Atomic regulators are at the high end of the market to buy, and cost more on average to service. However, there’s a generous 2 year/300 dive service interval and excellent reliability.

So if you want to get into diving with a high performance yet affordable regulator, stick the Atomic Z2 on your shopping list.

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