Atomic Aquatics BC2 surfaces

Wing-style BCD premieres this weekend at Scuba Show in Long Beach

Author: Pat
3rd May 2019

Atomic Aquatics BC2

Fans of Atomic Aquatics are gearing up for the unveiling of the US company’s second-ever BCD at this weekend’s Scuba Show in Long Beach, California.

Details are scarce but the BC2 is reportedly a back-mounted wing type design.

Atomic introduced the jacket-style BC1 to the UK in 2017.

The BC1 boasted a number of features that stood out in the BCD market, including new impermeable material construction, titanium coated D-rings and ‘Chesterfield’ stitched back pad.

It also uniquely has a ratcheting tank band, similar to the bindings on ski and snowboard boots.

Many of these innovations will appear in the BC2. We’ll know more after the Atomic Aquatics press conference on Saturday 4th May at 4pm (11pm UK time.)

Atomic Aquatics BC2

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