blue o two’s Christmas proposition

Book a trip and you might win it – simples

Author: Pat
2nd December 2013

Liveaboard operator blue o two’s Yuletide offering is simple: book a trip and you might win it.

The Plymouth-based diving holiday company has decided against clever marketing in the run up to Christmas.

BO2 said: “This year, there is no messing about with daily ‘Advent’ offers or having to search through websites for clues and so on. Book your next trip with up to 10% off in our Winter Sale and you might win that trip!”

This should be a welcome boost for anyone put off by needlessly complicated competitions.

So if you’re in desperate need of some out-of-season diving, take a look at the refreshingly simple blue o two website and book onto a liveaboard now. Who knows, the trip might even be free…

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